Dear guests, due to the current restrictions, our hotel is only open for guests without a tourist background. Of course, we also cater for them at our restaurant Fetter Förster.
The shop is still open. Our team is already looking forward to welcoming all guests again soon.
We assure you that the safety, protection and well-being of our guests and employees have the highest priority. Our measures at a glance

Business in a casual look

Welcome to your favorite hotel.

No, we are not the Four Seasons, but also not a chain. We are a genuine family business in Sauerland.

While you’re here: Check in and check out the location of your accomodation right away, because it’s fabulous: The Hotel VierJahreszeiten Iserlohn is located in the middle of a forest by a lake. It caters for people who do business – not dirty business, though, only clean business.

Pure pleasure.

In the past few years we have further developed the hotel and focused on one essential thing: Pure pleasure.

What does that encompass? Creative rooms, delicious food, a drink or two at the bar and quiet nights in wonderful beds. By the way, you can safely leave the window open at our place – the air doesn’t get any fresher than this. Because there one thing we take very seriously: The more guests we have who get a good night’s sleep, the better the atmosphere in the entire hotel.

Follow your heart – to the pool!

If you have had a really exhausting day: Feel free to jump in the pool or really stoke up the sauna. Don’t be shy: Spending a day at our place can also turn into a weekend or short vacation – there is plenty to experience.


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Wellness and Spa

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Coffee Roasting House

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