Business in a casual look

Welcome to your favorite hotel.

No, we are not the Four Seasons, but also not a chain. We are a genuine family business in Sauerland.

While you’re here: Check in and check out the location of your accomodation right away, because it’s fabulous: The Hotel VierJahreszeiten Iserlohn is located in the middle of a forest by a lake. It caters for people who do business – not dirty business, though, only clean business.

Pure pleasure.

In the past few years we have further developed the hotel and focused on one essential thing: Pure pleasure.

What does that encompass? Creative rooms, delicious food, a drink or two at the bar and quiet nights in wonderful beds. By the way, you can safely leave the window open at our place – the air doesn’t get any fresher than this. Because there one thing we take very seriously: The more guests we have who get a good night’s sleep, the better the atmosphere in the entire hotel.

Follow your heart – to the pool!

If you have had a really exhausting day: Feel free to jump in the pool or really stoke up the sauna. Don’t be shy: Spending a day at our place can also turn into a weekend or short vacation – there is plenty to experience.


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Kulinarische Arrangements im VierJahreszeiten am Seilersee

SPA & Wellness

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Coffee Roasting House

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