Acting responsibly with our environment


Sustainable energy budget

On-site energy generation

In our hotel by the forest, 3 heat pumps ensure that the geothermal heat obtained with them heats our hotel rooms pleasantly in winter and cools them down accordingly in summer. The temperature obtained reaches our hotel rooms via underfloor heating and a modern air conditioning system.

Since 2020, the use of a combined heat and power plant has greatly reduced the need for external energy. With a rated output of 50 KW and an overall efficiency of up to 92%, the CHP contributes to a balanced energy mix. The waste heat from the CHP is used, among other things, to heat the dryer in our in-house laundry.

The photovoltaic system installed on the roof of the Haus am Wald also makes a large contribution to covering the electricity requirements of our entire company. The 134 solar modules produced over 45,500 kWh in 2022.

Nachhaltige Wäscherei VJZ

In-house laundry

Fresh laundry without transport routes

With our in-house laundry – with washing machines up to 63kg – we have created an optimal and sustainable solution to be able to work quickly, flexibly and independently and at the same time make an active contribution to environmental protection. Sustainability, an elementary principle that is also reflected elsewhere in the laundry.

At the same time, the detergent dosing systems are used for optimal regulation and thus for the protection of resources.

The heat from our CHP is used with the help of a heat exchanger to heat the washing machines and dryers.

Saving resources & regionality

What else do we do as a sustainable hotel?

    • In the Haus am Wald there are 100% LED lamps and motion detectors.
    • A sophisticated ventilation system ensures the use of excess heat and cooling.
    • Four e-charging stations are available to our guests in the multi-storey car park.
    • In all departments of the hotel, attention is paid to waste reduction and optimal waste separation.
    • The in-house herb garden is located between the hotel playground, the cooking workshop and the forest.
    • Solid wood e.g. for the bedside tables from regional cultivation and regional production
    • The busy bees in the beehives in the herb garden take care of the in-house honey, which is also available in the shop to take home.
    • The homemade jam in the shop is made from regional fruit and of course cooked and bottled in-house – classic craftsmanship.
    • In our in-house coffee roastery, we blend and roast the coffee beans for our very own fresh coffee every day.
10.000 we roast 10.000 pounds of coffee beans in house every year Learn more
110.000 busy bees in the beehives in the herb garden
45.500 kWh produced by our own photovoltaic system
92% overall efficiency combined heat and power plant

As a guest, what can you do for the environment?

    • Avoid cooling/heating your room and opening the window at the same time
    • Is it necessary to change your towels every day?
    • Help us and pay attention to waste separation
    • If you don’t want us to clean your room every day, just let us know. This saves water and detergent
    • Explore the area on foot or on one of our bicycles rather than by car. There is also a bus stop in the immediate vicinity of the hotel
    • At the buffet, only take as much as you really want to eat and feel free to get something to catch up.