Hotel Rooms

East west, home is second best.

When it comes to sleep, “East, west, home is best,” as the saying goes. We couldn’t leave it at that and have risen to the challenge with our hotel rooms. Whether you are a night owl or a morning lark, our hotel rooms are furnished so that as our guest you can do one thing really well: Sleep – almost as well as or even better than at home. Our team always strives to turn your visit into a little vacation in Iserlohn.



  • Queen size bed (1.60 x 2.00 m)
  • Pretty location mostly on the forest side
Business+ Zimmer


  • King size or twin bed (1.80 x 2.00 m)
  • Mostly south-facing balcony


  • Twin mattresses (min. 1.80 x 2.00 m)
  • Bathroom with rain shower and illumination
  • South-facing balcony or forest view
Premium + Zimmer


  • 2 rooms with sleeping and living areas
  • Bathroom with rain shower and modern illumination
  • King size box spring or twin bed


  • 26 square meters / 280 sq ft
  • Queen size box spring bed 1.60m x 2.10m
  • Queen size box spring bed 1.60m x 2.10m

ComFOREST rooms

  • 41 square meters / 440 sq ft
  • Box spring bed 2.00 x 2.10m
  • Comfortable chaise longue and rocking chair
  • Beautiful bathroom with a view of the countryside


  • 42 square meters / 450 sq ft
  • Separate bedroom with a spacious double bed
  • Living room with pull-out sofa
  • Stylish armchair

ReTREEt Suite

  • 60 sqm ReTREEt Suite of the extra class!
  • Generous corner living area
  • large bathroom with rain shower and bathtub
  • Sauna